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Make your home safe and secure by fitting 5 lever mortise locks on all external doors and secure locks on all other doors and windows.

  • Install a burglar alarm.
  • Lock and secure all windows and doors when you leave your home – take special care with UPVC doors (lift handle and lock door with key).
  • Remove keys from locks and place them out of sight.
  • Never leave tools or implements outside the property which thieves can use to forcibly enter your home.
  • Use automatic light timers / sensors to make your property look occupied and consider leaving a radio on.
  • Ensure the perimeter of your property (gates, fences, and hedges) is secure, to prevent access to thieves.
  • Avoid leaving car keys on view near windows and doors and secure vehicles in garages or behind gates.
  • Photograph and record serial numbers of valuable items (laptops, computer consoles, satellite navigation systems, TV’s etc), use an ultra violet marker pen to security code your property, to assist with later identification.
  • Where possible hide smaller valuable items in unusual places where thieves might not look (laundry baskets or food containers). Jewellery is stolen for its metallic value and is rarely recovered.
  • Do not leave packaging on view as it may highlight a recent purchase of valuable items, dispose of it carefully.
  • Do not advertise that you are away – ask a trusted person to check on your property and remove mail. Cancel milk & newspaper deliveries. Ensure light timers and burglar / fire alarms are working.
  • Suspect callers should never be admitted to your property – always check identification and if necessary verify with a telephone call to the agency concerned. If you are still concerned call for advice from friends / relatives / Police. Remember that opportunist burglars usually knock on doors to check whether the premises are occupied and may use an excuse by asking for a named person. If you are unsure close the door and ring for assistance.
  • In the case of a suspect being disturbed by you in your home, let them make their escape without any resistance. Make a note of their description, vehicle details and direction of travel and call ‘999’ immediately.
  • VEHICLES – ensure that vehicle is locked / secure and that all valuable items are removed / hidden from view.